We're An Early Stage Startup Venture Studio

We build, help build, and invest in startups at the earliest stage.

We ideate, build, and launch our own startups.

We work with early-stage teams to help accelerate product, design, development, and growth.

Lenny offers microloans to students based on their GPA and helps build credit scores.

We helped create an award-winning mobile experience 

"We needed a simple and clean interface and Thinkbox precisely delivered what we were looking for."

Joe Bayen, CEO/Founder, Lenny 

We've invested in some incredible companies at the earliest stage.  

"The Thinkbox team is always a huge help to our portfolio companies and founders directly. They're someone you want to work with."

Milan Koch, 

Managing Director at Angelhack, Venture Partner at Base VC


Mike Williams

We’re a multi-disciplinary team of designers and developers, led by a serial-entrepreneur. We've taken two of our own companies from idea to acquisition and are ready to help you!

Founder & Product

Ben Collins


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Aure Gimon