We're An Early Stage Startup Venture Studio

We build, help accelerate, and invest in today's most innovative startups at the earliest stage.

We ideate, build, and launch our own startups.

We work with early-stage teams to help accelerate product, design, development, and growth.

Lenny offers microloans to students based on their GPA and helps build credit scores.

We helped create an award-winning mobile experience 

"We needed a simple and clean interface and Thinkbox precisely delivered what we were looking for."

Joe Bayen, CEO/Founder, Lenny 

We've invested in some incredible companies at the earliest stage.  

"The Thinkbox team is always a huge help to our portfolio companies and founders directly. They're someone you want to work with."

Milan Koch, 

Managing Director at Angelhack, Venture Partner at Base VC


Mike Williams

We’re a multi-disciplinary team of designers and developers, led by a serial-entrepreneur. We've taken two of our own companies from idea to acquisition and are ready to help you!

Founder & Product

Ben Collins


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